Welcome to Eutopias, an extended thought experiment for making good places ecologically and culturally. Eutopias grew out of earlier projects on community design developed by staff at the Marsh Institute and at Rian Garcia Calusa Ecological Community Designs (at that time called Nieman Ryan Synectics) beginning in 1969. After some decades of taking and writing about the ideas, we decided to throw them on a web page in 1995.

The Eutopian project attempts to create a framework for viable human cultures within the limits of healthy ecosystems. It starts by examining ecosystem limits as well as cultural constraints. Then it adds into the mix human needs and goals, becoming immeasurably complex. The project has no time limits, but it is driven by the catastrophic failures of the current globalizing civilization. The project is needed to keep a healthy humanity in healthy habitats.

The Eutopian group is composed of anthropologists, artists, designers, ecologists, economists, philosophers, and physicists. It needs to include people from every discipline or talent, from politicians, ditch-diggers and athletes to "metaphysicotheologicocosmologists" (in F. M. A. de Voltaire's phrase). There are no limits to insights and perspectives that could contribute to this framework.

If you would like more information on the experiment, or you would like to participate, please contact the thinker (

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