About the Eutopian Vision

Why now?
Catastrophes, extinctions, destruction, collapse, failure. These are emergencies that we must respond to! Now! Together!

What is Eutopias?
Eutopias is a paratraditional nostrum for preserving what is good and useful in human cultures and sciences, and for reserving what is necessary for nature to keep regenerating itself, while addressing the cascading problems of our modern expansion and catastrophic development with an immediate emergency approach. Eutopias is a practical framework for allowing the creative anarchy of traditional-size cultures to be able to implement appropriate technology to deal with their resources and with other cultures through a revitalized and empowered international body that has the power of taxing global resources and properties for its own support, as well as the power to disarm and neutralize the unhealthy influences of large nations and corporations. Eutopias is a framework that limits human expansion to domestic and artificial areas, by specifying responsibilities and duties, while permitting the free operation of nature on the majority of the planet. It also saves neopoetic areas and reserves wilderness. It encourages respect for natural and cultural capital. It recommends recognizing limits and planning for them using an ecological perspective and a metaphorical approach-it is metaphor-based as well as science-based, and limits-based as well as culture-based.

Who are we?
These ideas will be joined in a loose network on the web and through more traditional print. Anyone can participate in these kinds of thought experiments through the medium of conversation (we will be setting up a more sophisticated forum shortly) and we urge you to do so. We do not have a full-time staff or permanent home location (although we share the SynGeo office in Sarasota). We are the core conversationalists for 2016-17: Craig Dillard, Christopher Ma, Alan Wittbecker, and Precious Woulfe.

For more information, call or write to us at:

Eutopias (at SynGeo)
Post Office Box 370
Tallevast, Florida 34270


Or, send email to:
the Eutopians (at home@eutopias.net)
or to the Society for Eutopian Ecologists (at see@eutopias.net).


Wild Rose at Altazor Forest in Idaho

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